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Get your content marketing groove on.

A quick & dirty guide.

Getting ready to launch your startup? Or looking for next level marketing to grow your business?

With all of the noise on the web these days, it's important you reach your customers before your competition does. It’s more crucial than ever that you stay on top of current trends and increase your online presence. That’s why the major brands are turning to content marketing to gain attention. But, how can you make it work for your startup or small business?

Here's a quick list to help you out!

1. Enhance your audience’s experience.

Content marketing isn’t about advertising – it’s about educating and leaving your audience with tangible take-aways that they can use to make an informed decision, no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Present the information in the form of tutorials, tips, guides, advice, and insight instead of sales pieces and product information.

2. Tell a good story.

Great story-tellers have long been admired for their genuine approach and people tend to gravitate toward them. Be creative, use humor or emotion, be relevant and timely – get your audience’s attention and get a response.

Remember: readers love seeing personality, so a well-written story with your personal touch will go a long way.

3. Content can come in different formats. Don’t be afraid to explore!

It doesn’t need to only be in the written form. Feel free to use videos, infographics, photos – have fun with it and get creative! You’ll get more likes and definitely more shares…added bonus: it’ll help your SEO.

4. Set up your goals and objectives.

Each content piece has its own, individual purpose. Some may be dedicated to conversions (as gated content on a landing page or a link on your website), while others can be used to educate or build awareness of your brand.

Everyone has their own set of goals, so set your specific objectives based on your business’ priorities: social media likes, conversions, shares or page views.

5. Promote. Promote. Promote!

Once you’ve got your content marketing pieces set up, the most important part is getting the word out and spreading your news. Make sure you know which piece works best with the platform you decide to use to amplify your message. Know your audience and the social media platform you plan to post on.
Remember: LinkedIn should never be treated the same as Facebook. Make sure to cater your content to the unique audience of each platform.
Check out 8 Big Myths of Content Marketing, by Jeff Bullas for more insight on content marketing.
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